Guidelines for the 1st-Time FOB Wholesale Customers

Global Christmas tree market has been disrupted by e-commerce in the recent years.

Modern consumers now have the freedom and abundant choices of Christmas tree

styles and tree sizes available everywhere, most consumers are buying only

what they want and what they like, according to their personalization.


More and more consumers nowadays want to choose the right tree for themselves.   

They do not want to be limited in the tree sizes or styles. They want to make

well-informed decisions and to keep their options open as long as possible. 

Retail price is no longer the only deciding factor to buy a Christmas tree.


The pursuit of personalization has transformed traditional big-head trees into the long-tail

ones, where consumers demand a wide variety of tree sizes and styles for their

selection. Many consumers also want to express themselves with

 their own values, identity, lifestyles, and sustainability.


Successful retailers, both online and offline, who are able to offer consumers more

tree styles and tree sizes, are enjoying higher profits and selling a lot more

quantities, with an innovative business model. Traditional retailers

 who are still just offering consumers with limited tree SKUs,

are mostly doing poorly in the recent years.


That is why has expanded its Christmas tree listings from hundreds of

SKUs to hundred thousands of different trees. Walmart has also expanded its

Christmas tree program from 16 SKUs to 52 SKUs offline, and from 37 SKUs to

thousands of tree SKUs on now.


In order to help our international channel partners taking the new opportunity of this retail

disruption, Oncor is offering our 1st-time channel partners a lot more different tree styles

and tree sizes, without minimum order quantity per SKU from 2022 Christmas season.

Our new import, wholesale, and retail customers can now order just 1 tree

of any size and style for market testing at wholesale FOB minimum

US$2,000 / 20 trees, or at Full Container Load prices.


For the first wholesale order of minimum FOB US$2,000/20 trees or US$4,000/40 trees, Oncor

could arrange with international freight forwarding partners to deliver the initial

less container load shipment to the new wholesale customer's door

in over 120 countries,  in a very cost-effective way.


Our new international FCL channel partners do not need to order a full container, we will

offer free trees with total 8 tree styles in various sizes, free of charge, to fill up

the first container, and for testing of the unexplored niche market.


For 1x20ft full container load, new channel partners only have to order 800 cubic feet

and Oncor will offer 200 cubic feet free trees with total 8 tree styles in varies

sizes to fill up the initial 20ft container.


For 1x40ft full container load, new channel partners only have to order 1,600 cubic

feet and Oncor will offer 400 to 500 cubic feet free trees with total 8 tree styles

in varies sizes to fill up the initial 40ft container.


Please click USD2000 or USD4000 or 1x20ft or 1x40ft FOB Shenzhen Quotations for net FOB prices.


MINIMUM  US$2,000 / 20  TREES
MINIMUM  US$4,000 / 40  TREES
( For wholesale or import inquiries, please email to:  )